National Carer of the Month – My Homecare Hillingdon

During Covid our Nationwide teams of carers have really stepped up and shown their dedication and natural caring natures, it is very difficult to choose between them. This month it is Well Done to Elizabeth Hayter who is part of the My Homecare Hillingdon branch.

Once you hear what was said about this wonderful lady you will agree that she deserves this recognition and she is very deserving of the title My Homecare National Carer of the Month. Here is what Elizabeth’s manager, Ikram had to say about her.

“Elizabeth consistently goes above and beyond for her clients but now more than ever in the Covid-19 era. She spends so much time with her clients doing things they like such as gardening or just sitting with them and having a cuppa! This is outside of her duties and does this all without expecting anything in return. She’s made the families of the clients at such ease as they are not visiting at the minute. 

She also does a ton of DIY stuff and fixes things in her clients homes so the clients don’t have to call out people that could put her clients at risk of Coronavirus. 

Two of her clients were missing their trips to the barbers. She brought clippers and scissors and cut both of her clients hair in a My Homecare Mobile Salon esque experience. This lifted their moods so much and they were so happy and one of them said it was even better than his trips to the barber that he missed so much! 

When her client had to celebrate his 96th Birthday in lockdown, she went all out for him and got him a RAF card with his picture on it and cake! He felt so special and said he didn’t feel alone without his family! “

There was more and I feel like the list of lovely, kind and selfless gestures could go on.

We are proud to have you on our team Elizabeth, thank you.



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