So what has been happening with My Homecare during 2017 – Here’s a brief overview

My Homecare is growing and developing at a steady rate. Our name has become synonymous with providing quality care services and every branch inspected has gained a GOOD standard with the CQC.

So far Durham, Yorkshire and Manchester have all gained this award following their first annual inspection.

Having 5 branches in the franchise in 2016 we took this total to 19 registered branches in 2017. Our target for 2018 is to hit 32 branches by the end of the year.

My Homecare branches combined are rapidly approaching 6000 weekly hours of care provision and in 2018 this is expected to more than double, exciting times ahead.

My Homecare now perform their own Quality Audit, Crowborough have been the first branch to undergo our new My Homecare quality audit and they have been awarded a 4star High Quality standard

This year My Homecare have again invested and recruited a new member of the franchise team. Cameron who shares his extensive knowledge and experience and provides beneficial information on the marketplace covering NHS and Private care, He shows best practice in approaching tenders and how to be an approved provider. Alongside this he will cover various policies and procedures and quality management.

Our marketing Manager Erika has been working closely with our website developer to produce what we believe to be a modern, interactive site that is still easy for prospective new clients to navigate around. We have an easy to use “find your nearest branch” locator and a breakdown of the various services we can provide. You can also download brochures that can provide you with yet more information on how we can help people needing our assistance.

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